Back in January, Milwaukee heralded the opening of Monster Pizza MKE. Finally! Pizza in the Oakland and Locust area! Big pizza! Our First Impression verdict at the time:

Though Oakland Gyros isn’t at risk of abdicating its throne of after-bar dining in the neighborhood, and nearby Sal’s Pizza is likely to retain its standing as go-to among college students on foot, Monster Pizza isn’t leaving the corner of Oakland and Locust any worse for wear. It’s not be the best, but it’s absolutely the biggest. And when it comes to pizza by-the-slice, that isn’t half bad.

And now, well, you read the headline: Monster Pizza is closed, and has been all week. Paper covers the windows. Calls to the restaurant result in a busy signal. Monster Pizza’s website redirects to the next-door Black Rose Irish Pub.

Sadly, Monster Pizza’s abrupt closure leaves Oakland and Locust with only four pizza places: Little Caesar’s, Sal’s, Lisa’s, and the soon-to-be-opened Blaze Pizza. R.I.P(izza)., Monster Pizza.

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