Thursday night, Milwaukee Record will be releasing our very own beer into the world. Our collaboration with Company Brewing combines the Riverwest microbrewery’s already delicious Night Rye’d Porter with cacao nibs, medium roast coffee, vanilla bean, a dash of cinnamon, and three types of peppers. Fittingly, we call this revised take on Company’s porter—which we’re partnering to release to raise funds for Local Coverage beneficiaries Girls Rock Milwaukee and COA Youth & Family Centers—”Milwaukee Record Re-Porter.”

We’re honored Company Brewing allowed us to have a (very minor) hand in the brewing process, and we’re exceptionally proud of the final product that will be hitting their draft lines December 1—before arriving at a few other bars and restaurants in town shortly thereafter. We might be partial, but Re-Porter is our favorite Company Brewing beer, and we’ll even go out on a limb and say it’s also the best-named brew on its tap list. The punny, goofy, double entendre-incorporating brew is far from the only Wisconsin beer to have a strange name. In fact, pretty much every brewery in the state offers at least one beer that relies upon clever wordplay, pop culture references, cuss words, or downright awesome imagery. Want proof? Here’s a comprehensive list of the best beer names at every brewery in Wisconsin.

3 Sheeps — Cashmere Hammer
Ahnapee — Highlander Scottish Ale
Ale Asylum — Tears Of My Enemies
Black Husky — Smoke Monster
Badger State Brewing Company — Buzzy Badger
Big Bay — Star Spangled All American Pale Ale
Big Head Brewing Co. — Bella Donna Dubbel
Blue Heron Brewpub — Dead Horses Cascadian Dark Ale
Brenner Brewing — Butterfly Farts
Brewing Projekt — JackEau Imperial Pumpkin Stout
Capital Brewery — Grateful Red IPA
Central Waters — Centraal Quadder (Lowlands collaborative)
Chatterhouse Brewery — Emergency Ale
District 14 — California Boob Job
Door County Brewing Co. — Bare Bottom Madness Pale Ale
Enlightened Brewing Company — A Priori Pale Ale
Fox River Brewing Co. — Defibrillator Dopplebock
Furthermore — Fatty Boombalatty
Good City Brewing — Motto Mosaic Pale Ale
Gray’s — Bitter Shenanigans
Great Dane — John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt Dunkel-Doppel-Hefe-Weizenbock
Grumpy Troll Brewery — Monk Sweat
Hinterland — Scotty 2 Hotty
Horny Goat Brewing Company — Baby Got Bock
Leinenkugel’s — Big Butt Doppelbock
Karben4 — Idiot Farm Double IPA
K Point Brewing — The Hugh Grant English IPA
Lake Louie — Golden Booty Cream Ale
Lakefront Brewery — Wheat Monkey
Lazy Monk Brewing — Pivo de Monk
Like Minds — Nighthawks
Lucette Brewing Company — Farmer’s Daughter Forbidden Fruit
Miller Brewing Company — Miller Fortune
Milwaukee Brewing Company — Elf’s Lament
Minhas Craft Brewery — Good Ass Beer
MobCraft Beer — Batshit Sour
New Glarus — Pumpkin Pie Lust
Next Door Brewing Company — Egon’s Revenge
One Barrel Brewing Company — Groundskeeper Willie Scotch Ale
O’so Brewing Company — Vanilla Gorilla
Pearl Street Brewery — Cat’s Eye P.A.
Point Brewery — Apricadabra
Potosi Brewery — Good Old Potosi
Raised Grain — Hillbilly Heaven Rye Pale Ale
Red Eye Brewing Company — Man Pants
Rhinelander — Thumper American IPA
Rustic Road Brewing Company — Ol’ Dirty Santa
Saint Francis Brewing Company — Bean Me Up Scotchy
Sand Creek — Pickle Bucket Pilsner
South Shore Brewery — Barley Legal
Sprecher — Pineapple Express
Stone Arch — Houdini Honey Wheat
Third Space — Upward Spiral
Titletown Brewing Company — Ned Flanders
Tornado Brewing Company — Galena Pilsner
Tyranena Brewing — Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale
Urban Harvest — Nookie Nookie Pale Ale
Valkyrie Brewing Company — Dragon Blade
Vintage Brewing Company — Jinja Ninja
Water Street Brewery — Punch You In The Eye PA
Wisconsin Brewing Company — Bang Bang Meringue
Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. — Hazel’s Nut House

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