Milwaukee’s comedy scene is truly hitting its stride right now. However, Milwaukee Comedy Festival was way ahead of the game, showcasing stand-up comics, improv troupes, and sketch groups from around the region and beyond since 2006. Now entering its ninth year, “Wisconsin’s Largest Comedy Event” unveiled its massive lineup of performers that will be doling out laughs at Next Act Theatre (255 S. Water St.) August 7-10. There’s also a kickoff event Wednesday, August 6.

While the roster is heavy in Milwaukee-based talent, the ever-expanding event was also able to lure in performers from Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto—technically making it an international festival. Between comedy by noted locals like Caste Of Killers co-founder Mario Robinson, Erik Koconis, and veteran all-female improv group Broadminded, along with Comedy Central- and Last Comic Standing-credited L.A. comic Rob Christensen and Canadian sketch outfit Cash Grab, the weekend is full of funniness, no matter which comedic genre you fancy. The full lineup is listed below.

7:30 p.m.
Meet and greet with Milwaukee comedy showcase, featuring a kickoff event with performances by Crouch Comedy and The Goodnight Milwaukee Show

6 p.m.
Improv Jam
Variety Happy Hour

8 p.m.
Geoffrey Ausmus – Stand-up (Madison)
Matt Griffo – Musical comedy (Chicago)
Broadminded – Sketch (Milwaukee)

8 p.m.
Mary Zee – Stand-up (Chicago)
Sketch Marks – Sketch (Milwaukee)
Tallboys – Improv (Milwaukee)

10 p.m.
Dan Friesen – Stand-up (Chicago)
Jack And The Wolf – Improv (Chicago)
That Just Happened – Sketch (Chicago)

6 p.m.
Mario Robinson – Stand-up (Milwaukee)
Busy Bar – Improv (Milwaukee)

8 p.m.
Rob Christensen – Stand-up (Los Angeles)
Chairs – Improv (Chicago)
Cash Grab – Sketch (Toronto)

10 p.m.
Erik Koconis – Stand-up (Milwaukee)
Last Action Movie – Improv (Minneapolis)
Three To Turn The Stool – Improv (Chicago)

2 p.m. Teen Comedy Show
Organized Chaos – Improv (Milwaukee)
Brown Deer High School – Improv (Milwaukee)
4 Guys, 1 Mic – Improv (Milwaukee)

Single show tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 at Milwaukee Comedy Festival’s website or at Next Act’s box office, or for $20 at the box office the day of the show. All-access passes are available for $50.