My First Band has reached the century mark! We’re celebrating the 100-episode milestone in grand fashion with the incomparable Adam Weiner, who you might know better as the singer, pianist, and driving force behind Low Cut Connie. Over the course of the project’s decade-long existence, Low Cut Connie has released six acclaimed albums, toured the world, earned high praise from legendary musicians like Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, and has become a favorite of two United States Presidents. Weiner has been especially busy since last March, performing more than 70 “Tough Cookies” livestream shows to millions of viewers all over the world and releasing the latest Low Cut Connie album.

The day before he performed an official virtual event for the Biden-Harris inauguration, Weiner spoke to My First Band host Tyler Maas about the rare honor he had to represent the new President’s home state on the historic day, the band’s recently-released Private Lives, and how a pandemic reinforced his belief in the powers of performance and the artist-audience connection. Of course, the hour-long interview also touched Weiner’s musical past, including his upbringing in New Jersey, attending art school in New York, memorable early shows and tumultuous tours during his days playing under the “Ladyfingers” moniker, and unforgettable experiences from the more than 10-year run (and counting) of Low Cut Connie.

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