After amassing a few albums of material with Antler House and starting a new band called Yum Yum Cult, Milwaukee musician Sean Anderson decided to go back to school to hone his recording skills. Anderson quit his job and enrolled in MATC’s Audio Production and Engineering program. It’s there where he says he had an “aha moment.”

Anderson bought some quality microphones and “a decent interface,” then applied new recording techniques he’d learned at school to a new project in a home studio setting. Figuring the material didn’t fit either of his existing projects, the songwriter decided to create a new landing spot for these songs. Supertentacles was born.

“I’m focusing more on proper production and mixing techniques, and having fun experimenting with new sounds and styles as I go,” Anderson says.

That technical experimentation collides with an overriding aura of appreciation in Supertentacles’ music video for “Thank You.” It’s a straightforward and self-shot visual representation for a song that’s a far departure from anything listeners with any familiarity of Antler House and Yum Yum Cult would expect from Anderson.

“This song ‘Thank You’ is extremely different than anything I’ve done before, and I love it,” Anderson says. “It’s snappy, synth-y, and poppy, which are terms I wouldn’t want to be associated with at all just a few years ago.”

Anderson says he’s completed more than 20 Supertentacles songs over the past year, but he’s still trying to figure out exactly what direction the project is going to take. For now, he’s just writing songs with more technical know-how and fewer restrictions than ever before. And he’s thankful for that.

Watch the homespun “Thank You” music video below, and download the song (name your price) on Supertentacles’ Bandcamp page.

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