Tuesday night, for the four installment of Milwaukee Record LiveSCREAM Theater, we conducted some shady experiments, embarked on some sleazy day trips, and waited for…something to burst out of the closet. Yep, we watched the public domain staple The Brain That Wouldn’t Die! And boy oh boy was it trashy.

As part of the 2019 Milwaukee Film Festival (tickets are on sale NOW!), we’re spending the entire month of October bringing you a live viewing party of classic public domain horror and sci-fi films. For last night’s LiveSCREAM episode, Milwaukee Record‘s Matt Wild (that’s me) was joined pals Kelly Bolter, Shea Frevele, and Ian Olvera. Kelly wowed the group with her Star Trek knowledge, Shea wowed the group with her decapitation knowledge (!), Ian brought the house down with some Riverwest jokes, and Matt spent 90 minutes trying to get through a pathetic story about the time he was in 1st grade and he thought a “lavatory” was actually a “laboratory.” Plus, online commenters watching along chided Matt for picking such a tawdry flick. Sorry!

Want to join the fun next Monday? (It’ll be the last one!) Just tune in to the Milwaukee Record YouTube channel, leave your comments there, or go nuts on Facebook or Twitter (#MRLST). Seen these movies 8,000 times already? Who cares! It’s all about watching brain-eating/blood-sucking monsters together.

Monday, October 28
KILLERS FROM SPACE (1954) w/ Rick Katschke, Rob Wieland, and Mack Bates

Big thanks to Kelly, Shea, and Ian for joining us for episode 4! Watch the whole thing below! (Oh, and the amazing theme song is “Empty Arrows & Exit Signs” by Farms In Trouble!)