In case you memory-holed the bulk of 2020 and the opening months of 2021, a “honky tonk” bar called Nashville North is set to open on Brady Street this fall. Owned by Charcoal Grill founder Jeff Marsh, Nashville North will be located at 1216 E. Brady St.—a.k.a. the old Up & Under Pub, which closed in September 2020.

“The bar/restaurant will feature live music across all genres, featuring a house band with local musicians,” a press release from earlier this year proclaims. “There will be an open mic night for local talent along with a dedicated karaoke night. Nashville North will feature great street food, and late-night-bites with some favorites from The Charcoal Grill, including rotisserie chicken and BBQ ribs. The menu will include items such as Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, gourmet hot dogs, and pulled pork cheese fries.”

About that menu: New license documents filed with the city give a glimpse of some of Nashville North’s potential offerings. There are apps like the aforementioned pulled pork cheese fries, but there are also ghost pepper cheese bites and walleye fingers. There are smash burgers like The Nash (cheese, bacon, Meat Varnish, onion rings), sandwiches like fried chicken and an Impossible Burger, and backyard BBQ items like a half rotisserie chicken and baby back ribs.

Meanwhile, the gourmet hot dogs all sport localized names. There’s the ketchup/mustard/relish Brady Street, the chili and cheese sauce 414, the kraut-covered Laverne & Shirley brat, and the cream cheese- and grilled onions-topped Fonz. Oh, and don’t forget about the sure-to-be-well-cooked Dick Bacon, which comes complete with bacon (natch), cheese sauce, onions, and Meat Varnish. R.I.P. to an impeccably bronzed Milwaukee legend.

According to the press release, “Nashville North is inspired by Broadway in Nashville, watching artists across all genres perform, and the mouth-watering late-night-bites they are known for.” Look for more information on the bar—which is in the midst of extensive renovations—soon.

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