Back in the early-ish days of the Milwaukee Film Festival, Milwaukee Film and Milwaukee Record predecessor A.V. Club Milwaukee brought “Bloody Sundays” to The Hotel Foster. What could be better than Sunday morning/afternoon film fest hangover events featuring Bloody Marys, free cold pizza, and cheesy horror movies? Nothing!

Now, with A.V. Club Milwaukee long buried, The Hotel Foster long closed, and the 2022 Milwaukee Film Festival set to run April 21 – May 5, it’s time for a reboot. So, on the two Sundays of MFF2022 (April 24 and May 1), join Milwaukee Film and Milwaukee Record at Nice Times (2028 E. North Ave., a.k.a. the old Hotel Foster) for the return/reboot of “Bloody Sundays”!

These free events will feature Bloody Marys and other food and drinks sold by Nice Times, free cold pizza supplied by Milwaukee Record, and goofy horror movies projected on the wall. Oh, and Nice Times’ regular Sunday markets will be happening at the same time! Fun! What will we show? Who knows! The only thing we do know is that, unlike the time we did this way back in 2013, we will absolutely NOT screen The Human Centipede. Read all about that disaster HERE.

The fun is set for Sunday, April 24, and Sunday, May 1, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Until then, read up on all 284 MFF2022 films HERE (tickets are on sale NOW), including those in the Milwaukee Record-sponsored Cinema Hooligante program!

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