During a peak in mid-November, nearly 40% of all Wisconsinites tested for COVID-19 were testing positive. That percentage has dipped recently, though the current positivity rate (nearly 30%) still dwarfs the positivity rate over the summer (roughly 4-8%). As of this afternoon, 3,313 Wisconsinites have died from COVID-19.

Throughout the pandemic, Wisconsin Republicans—led by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos—have done absolutely nothing to stop it, working only to strike down any and all COVID-19 precautions enacted by Gov. Tony Evers, and playing politics while insisting the other side is playing politics. To that end, here’s a pathetic, just-released PSA from Vos and Congressmen Mark Pocan (a Democrat), which sorta-kinda-maybe suggests you should start thinking about wearing a mask and practicing social distancing. It’s entitled—no joke—”Working Together.”

Again: More than 3,000 Wisconsinites are dead, and all Vos (and Pocan) can come up with is an “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC” ad.

As of today, Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled legislature hasn’t convened in 229 days (h/t Dan Shafer). A November 17 press conference, meanwhile, featured a smug Vos revealing that while he and fellow Republicans had no specific COVID-related policies to talk about, they were ready to start talking about some ideas.

In other news, Vos is still mum on that damning proof of widespread voter fraud in Wisconsin. Instead, he’s spending time on his personal Twitter account bemoaning anti-hate-speech laws in Norway.

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