Even though there wasn’t a minor league season this year, we’re pleased to report that not even a pandemic can halt MiLB’s tendencies for batshit crazy promotional stunts. Yesterday, the Beloit Snappers—a longtime Brewers affiliate (and current Oakland Athletics Class-A squad)—started the process of changing the team’s name. Beloit’s minor league club has been called Snappers since 1995 (replacing the Beloit Brewers name the team had from 1982-94).

However, desperate times call for desperate measures…and new merchandising opportunities. So say goodbye to the Beloit Snappers and hello to, well, something else. Before officially selecting a new name, the team decided to take fan votes into consideration. Each day from September 7-11, Beloit Baseball will post the name of a new finalist on the team’s social media channels. If Monday’s entrant is any indication, this probably isn’t going to go very well.

Beloit Cheeseballs. If you like that name…or if you just like the idea of a longstanding and once-respected minor league organization changing its name to Cheeseballs, you know what to do. And if you don’t like that name, stay tuned for the other four options and make your voice heard.

UPDATE: Here’s today’s finalist…

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