Milwaukee troubadour Pete Freeman first came to our attention with his don’t-move-to-Milwaukee ditty (about Vogue deeming the city “cool and underrated”) and his ode to Milwaukee Brewers superfan Front Row Amy. Since then, he’s released a warm and open-hearted record of acoustic tunes (this year’s Wisconsin Stories) and put together a live band (the wonderfully named Pete Freeman & The Fritos). Now, Freeman enters the world of music videos with a charming clip for a new song, “Song About Nothing.” Cue the slap bass.

Watch as Freeman drops his don’t-call-it-an-ice-cream cone at Kitt’s Frozen Custard! (Currently up for sale!) Cringe as Freeman eats nachos and pukes on a first date! Laugh as Freeman shoots some pool and shakes hands with a dog! Cringe again as the same dog gives Freeman a “dismissive head turn”!

Good stuff. Oh, and here’s Pete Freeman & The Fritos performing that “please don’t move to Milwaukee” song at our recent Halftime Show at the Cactus Club. See you next week!

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