Even though we try to highlight local, independently-owned restaurants as often as we can, we’re not immune to the occasional chain restaurant craving. Over the weekend, we indulged in one when we checked out the brand new Cheba Hut location in Bay View.

The “marijuana-themed” sandwich shop is based in Fort Collins, Colorado and it specializes in “toasted” subs, along with salads and “munchies.” The Bay View location, which can be found at 2202 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., officially opened on February 13. It’s the second Cheba Hut in Milwaukee, following the UW-Milwaukee-adjacent location that opened at 2907 N. Oakland Ave. in July 2021.

We intended to visit the newly-opened sandwich shop on its opening day, but we, like, forgot to, man. However, we were finally able to cure our munchies this past Saturday. During our maiden visit, we ordered two small (a.k.a. “nug”-sized) specialty sandwiches, some pretzel bites, and a fountain drink, and we have to admit…it was awesome. Those sandwiches—a loaded-up Buffalo Chicken sub called “Jamaican Red” and a topping-laden turkey/salami/bacon sub from the “Secret Stash” that’s known as “The Deathstar”—immediately climbed to the top of our chain restaurant sub lists. The pretzel nugs were buttery, soft, and delicious. The iced tea with a splash of lemonade (a.k.a. The Nick Wiger for you fellow Doughboys fans out there) we made ourselves at the fountain was on-point as well.

Though the theme could turn some people off, its implementation wasn’t too aggressive. It’s more about subs than substances. The staff was extremely upbeat and helpful. There’s also a full bar with a good craft beer selection and some fun in-house cocktails available. While we encourage you to dine local often, we also want to let you know we are extremely impressed with Cheba Hut and we plan to add it to our chain restaurant rotation when we stray from area eateries.

Without any further delay, here are some photos we took during our first (but definitely not last!) visit to Cheba Hut in Bay View. Enjoy!

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