The headline pretty much says it all on this one. Last night, comedian and living, breathing takedown machine John Oliver referenced the Kleme…no wait, the Johnsonville Famous Racing Sausages on an episode of his HBO series, Last Week Tonight. The mention came during a monologue about utilities. Or something. To be honest, we didn’t watch the whole thing.

Anyway, around the 11-minute mark, Oliver praises the absurd and altogether awesome Miller Pa…no wait, American Family Field tradition of having sausages sprint around foul territory. Much like the sausages themselves, the mention comes out of left field. In short, the Sausage Race is presented as the one justification for the practice of doing something because “it’s just the way it’s been.” Or something. Again, we didn’t watch the whole thing.

“Now, why do a bunch of sausages race around the field before the bottom of the sixth inning?” Oliver says. “Because that’s just the way it’s been. It doesn’t make sense and may it never change. Long live the Racing Sausages.”

The Famous Racing Sausage talk lasts all of 18 seconds, but we’ll take it. And if Oliver ever wants to take part in the race (just like fellow The Daily Show correspondent-turned-TV host Stephen Colbert did last year), we’re pretty sure the Brewers could make that happen.

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