How is it that Last Week Tonight host and indestructible “takedown” cyborg John Oliver hasn’t already ripped the idea of public financing for sports stadiums—and, by extension, the arena proposed by the Milwaukee Bucks—a new one? Did it get lost in the shuffle, buried beneath so many takedowns of Miss America, net neutrality, and Dr. Oz? Did an intern forget to add it to Oliver’s list of “Hot-Button Issues That People Argue About On The Internet And Which I, John Oliver, Must Now Take Down”? Is John Oliver available for parties? (We hear his takedowns of the music selection and the keg of beer in the kitchen are epic.)

Anyway, here’s John Oliver finally taking down the idea of public financing for sports stadiums, including the arena proposed by the Milwaukee Bucks. (The Bucks portion of last night’s takedown begins at the 9:25 mark.) As expected, he thinks it’s a terrible idea, and cherry picks some clips and info to make his we’ve-heard-it-all-before points. (He also makes some legit we’ve-heard-it-all-before points.) What topic will Oliver’s patented Takedown 9000 machine land on next week? Find out when every media outlet on the Internet shares it Monday morning.