If you’re not familiar with longtime Milwaukee Brewers superfan “Front Row Amy” (real name Amy Williams), you haven’t been paying attention to Brewers baseball—or the internet. She’s the woman who’s been holding down her front-row seat at Miller Park for the past seven seasons, cheering on the Brewers and (literally) keeping score. She’s practically a folk hero at this point, which is why it’s surprising there hasn’t been a song written about her. Until now. (Please tell us about the previous songs we inevitably missed in the comments below.)

Behold “Front Row Amy,” a wistful acoustic ditty from wistful acoustic ditty specialist Pete Freeman—a.k.a. the guy who told Vogue readers not to move to Milwaukee. Here’s the chorus:

She makes a bad day feel like new
She’s the cheddar to my wurst
And the hops inside my brew
She opens up the roof
Even when it’s rainy
Ooo Front Row Amy

Song or no song, Williams has been getting plenty of national attention these days—thanks, of course, to the Brewers’ incredible 2018 season. Here’s hoping we get to see even more of her in the days and weeks to come. Because that would mean the Brewers would be doing really well, you see.