We broke format a little this week to talk all things music with a guest who has no musical experience of his own. Jon Gabrus is an actor (Guy CodeYounger, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), comedian, and veteran podcaster. Though he’s not a musician by trade, the host of High And Mighty, Action Boyz, and The Gino Lombardo Show has a wealth of musical memories and no shortage of great stories about concerts he’s attended through the years.

Prior to the start of season two of The Gino Lombardo Show, Gabrus spoke with My First Band host/longtime “shithead” Tyler Maas about his various podcasts and how he’s holding up during the nightmare that is 2020. Of course, the conversation eventually turned to music, as Gabrus talked about what he’s listening to now, his love of Sylvan Esso, the music scene in his native Long Island, some of the first shows he attended, blowing all the money he made in his twenties on concerts in New York, almost getting kicked out of a Radiohead show, musical tropes in action movies, and so much more. Along the way, Gabrus also discussed Billy Joel and Eddie Money while Maas fought the urge to make a bunch of High And Mighty callbacks.

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