In Wisconsin, one of the big stories of the upcoming U.S. Senate election is who, if anyone, can defeat former folk music fan and current human shit stain Sen. Ron Johnson. There are plenty of big names in the race, including Alex Lasry, Mandela Barnes, and Sarah Godlewski. But only one has the support of ’90s radio superstars the Spin Doctors: Tom Nelson.

Yep, for reasons that are probably perfectly explainable but we’ll choose to keep them a mystery anyway, the Spin Doctors wrote a campaign song for Nelson. It’s called “We’re Going Full Nelson.” It contains lyrics like “Good for the country / Good for Wisconsin / Zip up your Johnson / We’re going full Nelson.” It also extols Nelson’s cooking skills. Just go ahead and listen to it now:

Nelson, 46, was a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly from 2005 to 2011. He is currently serving as the county executive of Outagamie County. The Spin Doctors, meanwhile, played Summerfest not once, but twice last year. They are (currently) not on this year’s lineup. [EDIT: Reader Ryan M. points out that the Spin Doctors are playing Zoo a la Carte on August 19!]

The primary for the 2022 United States Senate election in Wisconsin is set for August 9. The general election is set for November 8.

“Mark my words,” Nelson said in a recent tweet. “This will be Ron Johnson’s last year in the United States Senate.” It certainly would be a whole lot easier with Johnson gone. Tom Nelson, Tom Nelson, Tom Nelson can’t be wrong?

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