Despite playing for four other teams since the Milwaukee Brewers traded him in 2013, John Axford has maintained a great relationship with his first Major League city. The current Colorado Rockies reliever remains a fan favorite here. He continues to sponsor the Milwaukee Film Festival and present a film every year (playoff schedule permitting), including last week’s presentation of The Shining on 35mm film.

While he was in town, the beloved ex-Brewers closer, owner of 141 career saves, Notre Dame film grad, and 2011 Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American Of The Year award winner was gracious enough to meet host Tyler Maas in the lobby bar in his hotel. With the soothing aural backing of classical music, the pair had a long-form discussion about Axford’s continued support of the Milwaukee Film Festival, his filmmaker aspirations, his appreciation of Refused and Brand New, some of his favorite Milwaukee haunts, and—for about 45 seconds—baseball.

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