Each August since 2016, Milwaukee Fringe Festival has showcased live acts from the worlds of theater, music, dance, and visual art downtown. Following the upstart festival’s encouraging first few years, organizers decided to bring Fringe Fest back for another installment in 2021.

Today, the artist lineup for this year’s Fringe Festival was announced. In addition to an array of artists performing at Marcus Center’s Peck Pavilion stage and on the venue’s other revamped outdoor spaces on Saturday, August 28, there will also be virtual performances occurring throughout the month of August. Here’s who will be performing (both in-person and virtually) during this year’s Milwaukee Fringe Festival.

Peck Pavilion Stage Performances
Tyler Anthony Smith
Catey Ott Dance Collective
Joshua Vang
c Valentine 6 // Chad Piechocki

Surrounding Area Performances
Mad Rogues Theatre Company
Dialup Step Mom
Ashley Rae Garcia
John Lewinski
Warped Dance Studio

Virtual Performances
Angry Young Men Ltd.
Feel So Young Theater
Lake Arts Project
Kelli Dunham
Fridge Door Live Theatre Company
Roberta Miles
Aaron Kerr’s Dissonant Creatures
Giant Nerd Productions
Kaley Pruitt Dance
The Miles Sisters
Theatre Gigante
Silver Sea Productions
Zach Schorsh
Tyler Dobies
Daniel Burkholder and Kimani Fowlin

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