Ever since we finally convinced the Avalon to show Wet Hot American Summer last September (no big deal!), the Bay View theater has rolled out a steady stream of celebrated cinema classics to coincide with holidays and to honor icons taken from us too soon. After a successful run of “Shocktoberfest” flicks in October, the traditional and campy “7 Days Of Christmas” series last December, a three-night screening of Labyrinth in the wake of David Bowie’s death, and this week’s Groundhog Day double feature, the Avalon has decided to help couples and loners alike cap off their Valentine’s Day celebration (or evasion) in a special way.

On Sunday, February 14, the theater will offer a 9:30 p.m. screening of 1989 film When Harry Met Sally… The Rob Reiner-directed vehicle was a pioneer in the (since bastardized) romantic comedy sub-genre and helped make a young Meg Ryan a household name. Excluding City Slickers, this classic comedy could very well be the last evidence that Billy Crystal used to be funny. Tickets cost $5 or $15 for a VIP package that comes complete with a ticket, a heart-shaped piece of red velvet cake, and a glass of champagne.

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