Since originally opening under the name Mojo Dojo four years ago, the Milwaukee improv outfit—now called Ampersand Theater Company—has taught and hosted performances at a wide variety of locations around town. Through the years, they’ve had shows in bars, community centers, radio stations, hotels, barns, and even a few outdoor venues. Their most frequent performance site was at Urban Harvest Brewing Company in Walker’s Point, which has an intimate theater space that was a suitable location for Ampersand productions.

After a largely-nomadic existence in its early years, Ampersand Theater Company will finally have a place of its own. Last week, they announced the business will be moving to the former location of In Tandem’s Tenth Street Theater, which is located at 628 N. 10th Street. The theater is in the lower level of Calvary Presbyterian Church, an iconic 150-year-old church that’s just west of downtown. The move will allow Ampersand’s seating capacity to increase to more than 100.

As they prepare to move into the new space, Ampersand has decided to cancel all its upcoming shows and to “go dark” for a few weeks. Stay tuned for more information on the theater once an opening date becomes known. YES, Ampersand Theater Company is moving AND it’s going to be awesome.

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