The world can be a harsh place. With wars waging, people starving, and folks seemingly more politically divided than ever, it’s sometimes tough to keep smiling. However, one wonderful man strolling down Bay View’s main drag with a song in his heart, a spring in his step, and garbage in his hand decided to make literal trash into security camera treasure last weekend.

Milwaukee Record obtained exclusive footage from Avalon Theater showing an unnamed pedestrian breaking into a full-on dance routine while picking up litter in front of the business Saturday afternoon. We’re not sure exactly why this man decided to do the trash-can-can, but frankly, we don’t care. In a time of such negativity, Dancing Litter Guy is the hero Milwaukee needs. Keep up the street cleaning and dirty dancing, whomever you are. Eat your heart out, Milverine.

Oh, and kudos to Avalon employee Mark Strube for personally adding the Diana Ross/Michael Jackson/The Wiz song (“Ease On Down The Road”) before sending the file our way.

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