Even though Ryan Necci—the founding member, bandleader, and namesake of Ryan Necci And The Buffalo Gospel—now calls Tennessee home, we’ve continued keeping tabs on him since he left Milwaukee to start a career as a professional songwriter. Since relocating, Necci has been part of some exciting co-writes and has made the most of awesome opportunities in the Nashville music scene. Thankfully, he and his (primarily Milwaukee-based bandmates) have also kept working on new Buffalo Gospel material.

Ryan Necci And The Buffalo Gospel will release a new EP called Battle Cry on May 6. In advance of the six-song release, Necci and company have put out a couple singles to prepare listeners for its long-awaited follow-up to the band’s incredible 2018 album, On The First Bell. Today, Buffalo Gospel is treating fans to another new song, and there’s also a visual component this time around.

Filmed, directed, and edited by Nashville videographer Schuyler Howie, the “Lend Me Your Heart” music video finds Necci exploring a lonely landscape and, quite literally, trying to pick up the pieces. Howie uses shards from a broken mirror, the reflection of puddles, and sweeping drone footage to help capture the emotion and introspection of the song itself.

“We’re always on some wide-eyed journey through these seasons, hunting for small pieces of ourselves, new and old. Trying to fill a void, trying to find an answer, trying to find our someone,” Necci tells Milwaukee Record. “The light will catch one just right when you least expect. It can be blinding. Our journey inevitably brings us back to where we started, just with a few more pieces of ourselves intact. In the end, we’re simply mosaics created from these jagged, imperfect treasures.”

Prior to the May 6 release of the Battle Cry EP, you can watch Ryan Necci And The Buffalo Gospel’s “Lend Me Your Heart” footage music video below.