There are oodles and oodles of seasonal events happening in Milwaukee this month (look for a roundup of them soon), but only one seasonal event is set to take place at the Mitchell Park Domes (524 S. Layton Blvd.) and involves a Mariachi band, dancers, and a candlelight walk in honor of the dead.

Yes, private nonprofit group Friends of the Domes is brining a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebration to the Mitchell Park Domes on Friday, October 28. The entire Desert Dome will be decorated for the holiday (which falls on November 1), and students from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School will create two ofendas (offerings) there. A Mariachi band, dancers, local food, art vendors, crafts, and a bilingual storytime will also be featured. It will all be preceded by a “Caminata de los Recuerdos” (Walk of Memories), a.k.a. a candlelight walk to the Domes where participants can build a community ofrenda “to honor their loved ones who have passed.”

“Friends of the Domes is honored to bring Día de los Muertos back to The Domes with this in-person event,” says Friends of the Domes Executive Director Christa Beall Diefenbach in a press release. “We are excited to celebrate this important holiday with our community.”

The event is set to run from 6-9 p.m. Tickets—which must be purchased in advance—are $15. They’re available HERE.

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