Back in 2009, Milwaukee enfant terrible filmmaker Frankie Latina made a splash with Modus Operandi, a delightfully sleazy, Z-grade exploitation flick co-produced by Sasha Grey and starring Danny Trejo. It was the rare pre-fab midnight movie that didn’t feel overly calculated or cynical, and one that managed to garner an affectionate review from the late Roger Ebert. Also appearing in the Milwaukee-made film were local fixtures Mark Borchardt and Mike Schank, a.k.a. the subjects of the classic 1999 documentary American Movie. Now, six years after the premiere of Modus Operandi—which is currently streaming on Netflix, if you’re interested—Latina is working on a followup film, Snapshot, which concerns a fashion photographer who “gets more than he bargained for when a roll of film in a used camera contains sinister imagery.” Trejo will appear in the film, and, as evidenced by two behind-the-scenes YouTube videos, so will Borchardt and Schank.

In the first bite-sized “Road to the world premiere: SNAPSHOT FILM” clip, Borchardt is seen introducing the film while lying on the floor and nursing a prosthetic head wound. In the second, Schank does some ear-splitting ADR work that recalls an infamous scene in American Movie. Enjoy these glimpses of movie magic below, and stay glued to Latina’s YouTube channel for future videos, some of which may involve sexy hula dancers at Foundation.