Looking for protests and protest-related events this weekend? Look no further.


Remembering Juan “Ariel” Perez

Mitchell Park (524 S. Layton Blvd.)
5:30 p.m.

This year marks 15 years since the death of Juan “Ariel” Perez. In 2005 he was shot by officer Timothy Wilger who claims feared for his life by a 17 year old. I am here to support his family by honoring his name and to be remembered.


Save The Post Office

United States Post Office (345 W. Saint Paul Ave.)
11 a.m.

Trump is trying to destroy our Postal Service. Whether it’s to privatize this amazing public institution to benefit his campaign donors and corporate cronies, or to steal the election by keeping us from voting safely by mail, we will not let Trump destroy the USPS. Join together to stand up for our postal service and save the USPS.

Note: Plan to physically distance and wear a mask — this is a requirement to attend.

Waukesha Racial Equity Rally and March

Cutler Park (301 Wisconsin Ave., Waukesha)
12 p.m.

*** Please wear masks and socially distance***

Nearly three months have passed since George Floyd was murdered… let’s march to demand justice.

12pm: Sign Making and chalk the walk
– bring the self, friends, family down and be in community

2pm: Speakers: Maria Hamilton, Bernie Gonzalez, and Raymond Roberts

2:30pm: March – we will start and end at Cutler Park. Folx are welcome to stay at the park or on nearby corners to protest in place.

Stand For Justice

27th and Oklahoma
12 p.m.

Let’s ALL exercise our right to support Black Lives Matter in ways both large and small. Come “Stand” with us rain or shine every Wednesday and Saturday from 12:00-1:30 p.m. on 27th & Oklahoma. Bring your own sign and chair if you like.

This small protest is perfect for folks like me who are unable to attend long protests and rallies. Remember: EVERYTHING WE DO MATTERS.

Organized by Karen Hartwell, Kathleen Kat Hickman-Turner, and Rachel Adair

Wee Chalk Your Walk: We The People Children’s Protest

MATC (700 W. State St.)
12 p.m.

Join the Black Educators Caucus for #weechalkyourwalk and children’s protest with We the People. Black Educators Caucus stands in solidarity with the BLM movement and all the families who have lost their loved ones to state sanctioned murder by police. We stand in solidarity with children using their voices to create chnnsge for their future. This is a family friendly space! Please wear your mask and this activity provides for plenty of social distancing. We will meet in front of district headquarters. #WeeChalkYourWalk

Four Demands of the National Black Lives Matter at School Movement
*Recruit and retain Black educators
*Fully Resourced Restorative Practices
*Black History and Ethnic Studies in all schools
*Fund Counselors, Not cops

Open MYC Peaceful Protest

The New State (2612-2616 W. State St.)
1 p.m.

Our objective for this project is to create a mural as part of a youth-led, Black Lives Matter protest. We want to use this as an opportunity to amplify youth voices when it comes to BLM. This is so important, because on a lot of occasions, youth don’t get taken seriously when it comes to speaking up about important matters such as this one.

The image illustrated on our page is a vision for our plan for the mural design. The basic outline below will be painted prior to the event by our team, and the shapes as well as the letters themselves will be filled in by the protesters with an expression of what BLM means to them.

Join us on August 22nd to share your voice as a part of The New State’s Open Mic and our peaceful protest. Be a part of the movement!

Waukesha Main Street Protest – BLM

Main Street
1:30 p.m.

*There is possibility of rescheduling to Sunday if it rains! At the very moment it’s at a 50% chance it will. But same place and times of course if we do move it. I will keep this updated!

Masks are required. No mask? No protest for you!

-We will have disposable masks
-Hand sanitizer will be available
-Bottled water will be available

This is a peaceful protest as usual! But we will be on a busy street, so there are some ground rules that we need to follow. Do not enter a business while protesting. We don’t need people getting in trouble for trespassing or anything they come up with, it’s private property. Also, I want to emphasize peaceful, as I’d like this to be more family friendly. Please try to avoid conflict, just walk away and ignore rude people.

My goal is to interrupt peoples days. It’s easy for them to just mute posts or unfriend people, but they can’t ignore us when we’re quite literally in their path!

For specific parts of the road we’ll be covering is most likely going to be the area of main street thats between Broadway and Barstow. If you’d like to go further you are certainly able to, just make sure to tell someone, can’t have anyone going missing!

(Other major event signs welcomed. We will focus on BLM. But ,for example, if you’d like to bring signs encouraging people to vote that is more than welcome!!)

Also for the protest lasting until 5, its not set in stone. Mostly what people are feeling. Protests usually last for like 2 hours so don’t feel bad if you need to leave! Because there is a small possibility of later moving to another spot after a few hours. These are things that will be decided day of, it’ll be a group decision! We will announce how long its been every so often for those who may have a specific time they need to leave.

Restaurant Workers Unity March! Support Comet Workers!

Swing Park (1737 N. Water St.)
5 p.m.

The Industrial Workers of the World and former employees of Comet Cafe are calling on all Milwaukee restaurant workers to join a demonstration demanding fair treatment of former employees of Comet Cafe and all restaurant workers! Gather at Swing Park, 1737 N Water St, at 5pm on Saturday, August 22nd. We will be marching up Brady Street to a Restaurant owned by the Mojofuco restaurant group, the group owned by Scott Johnson, Leslie Montemurro, and Kristyn Eite.

Mojofuco owners fired the staff of Comet after they organized and presented demands to fix faulty kitchen equipment and maintain safe Covid-19 Pandemic practices. We are demanding severance payment for these workers, fired for standing up for themselves and left unemployed during a global pandemic. We are calling for all Milwaukee restaurant workers and supporters to join this demonstration, network, and begin the process of standing up for dignity and safety at all restaurants in town.


Get Up Stand Up Yard Sign Pickup

Riverwest Gardeners Market (821 E. Locust St.)
10 a.m.

Get Up, Stand Up, Don’t Give Up The Fight


We are nearing the end of our supply of signs! When they’re gone, they’re gone! Stop by and grab yours today! Note the extended hours.

At Radio Milwaukee, we believe in the power of music – especially these poignant Bob Marley lyrics – to transcend boundaries and communicate to people of all backgrounds.

Join us in helping to support and sustain the global movement against racism by placing one of these free signs in your yard.

The URL on the bottom of the sign directs people to a continuously updated resource page on our website with tools to help inform and broaden your perspective: https://radiomilwaukee.org/tools

Picking up a sign is simple and safe, just visit the pick up site during the hours listed in the event. The tent will be staffed by an employee wearing a face mask and gloves.

A Day of Repentance and Solidarity

Wisconsin State Fair (640 S. 84th St., West Allis)
3 p.m.

We invite all Pastors, Church Leaders, their members, believers of every denomination, and the public to The Day of Repentance and Solidarity.

The Day of Repentance and Solidarity is the kick off to an initiative fueled by an alliance of City of Milwaukee and Suburban churches/organizations to grow a more unified church that is a tangible witness of God’s love through justice and equality.

The founding partners believe this can be done by the acknowledgement of the church’s past and present roles in systematic injustice, repentance, forgiveness and, intentional steps of growing diverse relationships across the city and suburbs.

Join us in the Milwaukee Mile Grandstand on Sunday August 23rd at 3PM for this powerful moment. For complete details, to become a partner, and take this historic pledge, visit: weraceahead.com

*We ask that everyone abide by all social distancing guidelines and mask mandates.