In case you missed it, Milwaukee-made Christmas songs are coming in hot. First there was the Very Melty Christmas comp. Then there was the 22-track Wisconsin Christmas comp. There’s plenty more where that came from (stay tuned!), but for today, let’s enjoy the delightfully wacky sights and sounds of Xposed 4Heads covering The Ronettes’ version of “Sleigh Ride,” shall we?

Yep, the long-running new-wave/goof-rock band once again delivers the goods: bright colors and a winking sense of humor, random UFOs, the “Star Girls,” and bandleader Mark G.E. partaking in a smoke. Also, G.E.’s got a real “Ted Perry” look going these days. Nice!

This isn’t Xposed 4Heads’ first foray into holiday music. Back in 2016, the group released the all-purpose “Sing Along Again (The All Holiday Song),” which featured a finger-tastic video. Six years later, it’s a happy, happy day again!

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