Doughboys Podcast‘s upcoming Milwaukee show has been an event shrouded in mystery. When the popular chain restaurant podcast’s first Wisconsin show—which was originally slated to happen last October at The Back Room @ Colectivo—sold out in less than an hour, people were left to wonder if it would be bumped up to Turner Hall Ballroom to accommodate the demand. Shortly after it was eventually promoted to the far more spacious ballroom, co-host Mike “The Spoonman” Mitchell was cast in a movie alongside Chris Pratt—leading to speculation the Milwaukee show would be canceled. It was for a brief time…until it was thankfully rescheduled for its current January 16 date, where—weather permitting—it will remain.

Less than a week out from The Creamsmen’s stop in Cream City, only a few questions remain. Among them: What chain will they visit? Who will the guest be? While we can’t answer the first question for you just yet (check back early next week!), we now have an answer to the second one. On Thursday, January 16, Mitch and Wiger will be joined on stage by…


The hilarious actor, comedian, Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer, and member of Memphis Kansas Breeze has quickly become a fan favorite through his memorable appearances on Doughboys live episodes in Nashville, Philadelphia, Huntsville, Washington D.C., and a few other places we’re probably forgetting. To quote Tart himself, “Yes, King.”

Unrelated to any of this, Tart is a huge fan of Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. As chance would have it, Milwaukee Record will be screening Walk Hard at Avalon Theater on January 22. Tickets are still available. Oh, and speaking of ticketed events, we’re told less than a dozen tickets remain for Thursday’s Doughboys show. Get them while you can. Wow.

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