The open road. Human companionship. Not being ground down by the never-ending horror show that is the 21st century. These are life’s simple pleasures, and new Milwaukee country band Ladybird is here to enjoy them, dammit.

So without further ado, here’s “Zoomer,” the debut single from Ladybird. It’s a lovely piece of work, full of images of barreling down two lanes of open road and laughing with friends at a bar. It’s all set to a beer-buzzed country shuffle that goes down as easy as two (or five) cans of PBR.

Ladybird is the latest project from Milwaukee musician Pete Freeman. Freeman’s previous work includes the excellent 2020 album Meat & Potatoes, the delightful 2019 album Wisconsin Stories, and that song about Front Row Amy. Oh, and that hilarious “Milwaukee River” song, which I (Matt) named my “Favorite Milwaukee Song I Played For My Kid Every Time We Crossed The Milwaukee River.”

Joining Freeman in Ladybird are Scott Parker (bass), Sam Szymborski (guitar), and Aidan Gouran (drums). An EP, Introducing… will be released this Friday, and a release show is planned for October. In the meantime, here’s Pete in 2019, singing about how folks shouldn’t move to Milwaukee (inspired by that Vogue article, natch).

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