Culver’s giveth and Culver’s taketh away.

Just days after popular Milwaukee band Bug Moment announced a sure-to-be-delicious/packed show at the parking lot of the Bayshore Culver’s on July 22, the Bayshore Culver’s has canceled the show. Bug Moment broke the news about the canceled five-band bill (other bands included Chapped Lips, Honey Creek, Garden Home, and Excuse Me Who Are You?) on Friday.

“After weeks of planning and going through all of the proper channels required to gather approval for this event, and receiving genuine excitement from the Bayshore Culver’s team, we announced our show to a truly overwhelming response,” Bug Moment said in a social media post. “Initially, we shared the positivity surrounding the event with the Bayshore Culver’s team and were met with gratitude for the hard work we had put into this show, and media coverage that the event had started to receive.”

Bug Moment’s message continues:

Less than 12 hours later we received an initial request for the show to be cancelled with an explanation that Culver’s and the Culver’s Bayshore franchise owner had not fully considered potential noise level, safety, and security risks given the large response we received. When these issues had been discussed up to this point, we were assured that it would all be taken care of and that we had confirmed the show regardless. We offered to help coordinate additional security for the event, create an RSVP link to control crowd size and add liability protections for their business, and gather any required noise permits to have this event continue on.

These emails were met late last night with complete disregard opposite of every interaction we had up to this point. We called in to Culver’s corporate office for one final time this morning, attempting to work together to find any solution that might allow this event to continue on in some capacity with the support of Culvers in another location. This idea unfortunately, is not being considered at this time.

We are very saddened by these circumstances. We know how much everyone was looking forward to this.

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much love, bug moment

“It was just a bit too much trying to run a busy restaurant and attempting to host a concert at the same time,” Bayshore Culver’s owner George Dimitropoulos tells us. “We have no means to handle that sort of crowd, and manage that while trying to serve our guests. We had good intentions, but didn’t evaluate all what goes into it before committing. It’s hard doing two completely different things simultaneously and making everyone happy. I wish all the bands and fans the best of luck.”

The ball is in your court, Cousins, Rocky Rococo, Kopp’s, etc.

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