If you read Milwaukee Record with any regularity, you’re probably already aware of this, but we’ll just repeat it again: We like Culver’s! And if you frequent this publication, you’ve possibly also stumbled on a wide range of articles about other people who enjoy the Wisconsin-born chain restaurant. The ever-growing group of newly-minted Culver’s fans we’ve written about includes competitive eaters, food podcasters, fish fry aficionados, Jeopardy! producers, and anyone who thought the April Fool’s “Curderburger” joke promotion actually sounded pretty good.

As of this week, you can now add Bill Oakley to the list. Even if you don’t know Oakley’s name, you’re surely aware of his work as a longtime writer and producer of The Simpsons during the show’s golden age (he wrote the “Steamed Hams” scene!) in addition to writing, producing, and showrunning work on other celebrated television programs like FuturamaPortlandia, and Regular Show. Beyond his TV and film efforts, Oakley has also earned a reputation as something of a fast food connoisseur by way of review videos he posts on his Instagram account.

After receiving countless requests from followers to do so, Oakley made his maiden trip to Culver’s recently and—you guessed it!—he loved the hell out of it. While filming himself in his car in the parking lot of the Logan, Utah Culver’s location, Oakley indulged in a diverse sampling of seven menu items. At the risk of spoiling an 89-second review video for you, everything he consumed earned an A grade from the writer-turned-restaurant reviewer. Two items even got an A+ mark.

Before signing off, Oakley didn’t mince any words while letting viewers know what he thinks about Culver’s, saying “That was the best fast food meal of my life.” Do yourself a favor and watch the review below, then treat yourself to some Culver’s sometime soon.

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