Earlier this month, we hipped you to the fact that Special Entertainment’s long-, long-, long-in-the-works feature film, Hamlet A.D.D., would finally see the light of day. Andrew Swant and Bobby Ciraldo’s surreal, green-screen-tastic take on Shakespeare’s masterpiece had been in production for 10 years; now, it was finished, and would premiere at a screening at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. L.A. could finally see a production of Hamlet as the Bard intended: featuring Mark Borchardt, Mike Schank, Neil Hamburger, Kumar Pallana, and Screech.

But what of the Milwaukee premiere? Would to desperation turn our trust and hope? Not so fast. The film will make its Milwaukee premiere Thursday, May 15 at the Landmark Oriental at 7 p.m. As noted on the event’s Facebook page: “This is a special screening of the film you’ve all forgotten you’ve been waiting for! The best adaptation of Hamlet EVAR is coming to Milwaukee’s glorious Oriental theater May 15!”

Bill Shakespeare couldn’t have said it better himself.

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