When we last caught up with Brave You almost exactly a year ago, the Milwaukee synth-punk project was treating listeners to a couple singles from LIFER, the band’s first album since adding two new members. Since that post, Brave You released that 10-track album, played a handful of shows—including a sold out Mitten Fest after party at Cactus Club—and started writing some new material together.

While much of that material won’t be recorded until this fall, Brave You took a little time this past spring to lay down a one-off single they think is their “best one yet.” That song, entitled “Sold Out Reunion Tour,” revisits the familiar theme of seeing the past with new and improved perspective, but makes sure to offer a more forgiving view of past behavior this time around.

“Acknowledging how I’ve been a shithead is sort of the crux of most of our songs, but I think the song also considers the place I’m in now and offers up some gratitude,” Brave You co-vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Alex Meylink says. “Me and my friends and exes survived long enough to see the bands we loved growing up breaking up and coming back for reunion tours.”

In addition to the new song itself, the band brought in Meylink’s Telethon bandmate and Stillwave Studios partner Erik Atwell to help them shoot a self-described “lyric video” for the single…with a unique twist. Instead of simply applying text to video footage or animation, Brave You took a hands-on approach with the lyric video format by holding up pictures of band members and friends along with scraps of paper with the words of “Sold Out Reunion Tour” printed on them. It’s pretty darn clever if you ask us!

As we all wait for another full-length and more local outings from Brave You, we’re confident the “Sold Out Reunion Tour” music video will hold us over for a while. Check out the video now.

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