Klassik has always been a man ahead of the curve. Since bursting on the scene with 2012’s In The Making and 2013’s YRP (Young Rising Phenoms), the rapper/singer/musician/producer has continually raised the bar for Milwaukee hip-hop, not to mention Milwaukee music in general. Recently, Klassik has also been getting a jump on time itself, releasing a series of season-themed EPs, often before their namesake seasons. Thus the Spring EP was released back in the February, and the Summer EP in March. Now, “STAGESlayer”—the first track from the latter release and the lead single to the upcoming Seasons LP—has been remixed by Milwaukee musician/producer Dashcam. The remix takes an already lush and expansive track (one that was treated to a great video shot at The Hotel Foster) and doubles down on those strengths, adding an extended intro and some spacey synth. Want to listen to it now, only at Milwaukee Record? All right, all right, okay.