Today in unfortunate local video game-related news, we’ve just learned that 1983 Arcade Bar will be closing this spring. On Monday afternoon, 1983 announced on Facebook that it will be game over for the downtown business after this Bucks season concludes.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us for an amazing year and a half,” the Facebook announcement says. “We will work hard to keep the old games working properly so you can come and use all of your 1983 tokens one last time.”

Over the course of its 18 months in business, 1983—located in the former site of Lucille’s Piano Bar, 1110 N. Old World Third St.—was a fun downtown arcade bar (and devoted Nashville Predators hub) that arrived slightly before the likes of Up-Down and X-Ray Arcade came to the area. If nothing else, this is just one more reason to keep rooting for the Bucks to get to the Finals, so we can get in a few more plays in at 1983.

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