Last Thursday, Doughboys—a popular chain restaurant podcast—came to Milwaukee for a long-awaited live show at Turner Hall and to finally review Culver’s for the first time in the show’s history. Joined by comedian Carl Tart, hosts Nick Wiger and Mike “The Spoonman” Mitchell delighted a ballroom full of fast food fanatics by discussing the beloved Wisconsin-based chain and some other area eating institutions before sampling some local brewdogs Milwaukee Record procured for their “Drank Or Stank” segment.

Over the course of the immensely enjoyable show, the trio also tried cheese curds (and threw some out into the crowd), evaluated their visits to Sobelmans and The Vanguard, gave their opinions on Wisconsin beer staples like Spotted Cow and Riverwest Stein (as well as our seasonal Milwaukee Record Re-Porter). Along the way, “Wigey” was put off by how many roast submissions he received had to do with Jeffrey Dahmer, Mitch gave semi-updates on how his beloved Celtics were doing against the Bucks across the street at Fiserv Forum, Tart did a top-notch Charlotte Rae impersonation, and (kinda-sorta spoiler alert!) they all raved about how great Culver’s is.

If you missed last week’s Doughboys live show at Turner Hall or if you just want to listen to it all over again, you can stream it below or hear it anywhere you get podcasts. Wow.

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