Last month, we alerted you to the exciting news that a pair of accomplished eaters and popular YouTube personalities were moving to Milwaukee. The professional eater power couple consisting of Randy Santel and Katina Eats Kilos seem to be settling into life into Wisconsin quite well. Katina wasted no time before getting out about in the area, demolishing an eight-patty burger at Milwaukee Burger Company in Franklin a few weeks ago. Though Santel has yet to post footage of any local challenges since his move to Milwaukee, he recently did release a video involving a chain with Wisconsin roots.

Santel went down to a Culver’s in Brooksville, Florida to attempt to be the first person to complete a daunting burger-based eating challenge. The “Culver’s Double Deluxe Butter Burger Challenge” is a temporary offering that’s only available at the Culver’s in Brooksville, Florida. In order to complete it, an adventurous eater must consume a total of TEN Culver’s Double Deluxe Butter Burgers, a pound of cheese curds, and a custard-based Concrete Mixer in under an hour. The meal costs $75, but is free if the challenge is completed in less than an hour. Winners also get a T-shirt and their picture on the restaurant’s Wall Of Fame.

Santel needed just over 44 minutes to be the first person to complete this weighty feat, which once again, IS A TEMPORARY OFFERING THAT’S ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA CULVER’S. Though you already know how it turned out, you’re still going to want to watch “Atlas” take down more Culver’s than most people eat in a year in less than 45 minutes. Incredible.

After Santel did his thing, Katina also attempted the challenge. You can see how she fared HERE.

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