Having played more than 200 shows last year and continually booking both cross-country and cross-continental tours between rock-solid releases, Brett Newski‘s work ethic is indisputable. However, before his latest record, Land Sea Air Garage, sees the light of day late this summer, the ever-determined Newski decided now was the time to ask for a little help from friends and listeners. Like so many musicians before him, he opted to do so through a crowdfunding campaign.

Unlike many, Newski’s “Punchstarter” includes unique rewards like buying the right to hit him in the face with a salmon or set his car on fire. Also setting his campaign apart from other local movements is the $25,000 goal. Days after the Punchstarter’s launch, Newski dropped by the living room of host Tyler Maas to explain the rationale behind his hefty asking price, talk about the growing need for fan support in the modern music industry, and get into both the rigors and the joys of the road.

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