Back in April, Milwaukee Record co-founder, co-editor, and all-around co-person Matt Wild penned a “Milwaukee Day ode to Bob Uecker.” Using the 414-based holiday as a handy excuse to once again write about the longtime Milwaukee Brewers radio announcer/actor/author/beer pitchman/WWE Hall of Famer, Wild highlighted the many hats Uecker has worn throughout his six-decade career, and mused that while “one person’s Milwaukee is bound to be different from another person’s Milwaukee,” Bob Uecker was his Milwaukee. It was kind of sweet and it reportedly made his mom cry a little.

Other fans of the piece included the fine folks at Wisconsin Public Radio, who asked Wild to stop by their Milwaukee studio and record an abbreviated version for their “Wisconsin Life” program. Now, just in case you want to hear the part about Wild’s membership in the Mr. Belvedere Fan Club scored to a snippet of the Mr. Belvedere theme (you totally want to hear this), you can listen to it here. (Thanks to “Wisconsin Life” executive producer Erika Janik and WPR multimedia producer Scottie Lee Meyers for making it happen.)