Last month, we alerted you to the exciting news that a pair of accomplished eaters and popular YouTube personalities were moving to Milwaukee. The professional eater power couple consisting of Randy Santel and Katina Eats Kilos seems to be settling into their new home and are starting to get out and about in the area.

Recently, Katina Eats Kilos—a body builder, who fully realized her gift for high-volume consumption in 2019 and quickly has made a name for herself in the world of professional eating—decided to break her two-month eating challenge hiatus by attempting her first Milwaukee-area eating feat. To do so, she ventured to a Milwaukee Burger Company location in nearby Franklin to take on the Wisconsin chain’s “Big Milwaukee Challenge.”

The eating-based obstacle (which Katina called “a nice starter challenge”) features a stack of eight beef patties, eight slices of American cheese, two buns, grilled onion and mushrooms, lettuce, pickles, jalapenos, and two massive cheese curd cubes. The burger—which is available for the amazingly low price of $16.99—must be consumed in less than 30 minutes. Anyone who completes the meaty miracle in that window of time gets a Milwaukee Burger Company T-shirt and their picture posted on the burger chain’s social media pages.

Spoiler alert: Katina didn’t just finish her first challenge in the vicinity of her new hometown…she set a new Big Milwaukee Challenge speed record in the process. As you consider heading to the suburbs to try this challenge yourself, watch Katina effortlessly tackle this eight-patty beast below.

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