Crazy times, eh? With every venue, theater, and public space closed due to COVID-19 concerns, our normally bustling events calendar is pretty barren. So here’s what we’ll be watching, playing, reading, and listening to at home instead. Stay safe, Milwaukee.


Cooked With Cannabis on Netflix
Monday is 4/20 and we all know what that means…right?!? It means Netflix will drop its first season of Cooked With Cannabis. The new reality show features chefs vying for high praise from judges Kelis (of “Milkshake” fame), Luther Storrs, and celebrity guests like Nate Robinson and Ricki Lake, and more with gourmet spins on cannabis cuisine.

Armchair Expert Podcast
Who would have guessed Dax Shepard—the guy you probably know best from Punk’d, Idiocracy, and being married to Kristen Bell—would wind up being one of the most insightful, open, and emotionally present hosts in podcasting? Not us! However, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed many of the episodes the actor-turned-interviewer has released since he launched Armchair Expert in early 2018. Between Shepard’s aforementioned qualities and the caliber of guests his celebrity connections bring to the show, it’s definitely worth bringing into your rotation if you’re sick of all your other shows. This week marks Armchair Expert’s 200th episode.

The Midnight Gospel (Season 1) on Netflix
From the makers of Adventure Time comes a new animated series with darker subject matter that’s more suited for grown-up audiences. The Duncan Trussell-voiced protagonist in this Netflix original series is a “space caster” who explores strange and unfamiliar worlds in a “universe simulator.”


Middleditch & Schwartz (three specials) on Netflix
Thomas Middleditch was the lead in HBO’s Silicon Valley, the ubiquitous pitchman for Verizon, and the star of blockbusters like Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Ben Schwartz is probably best-known for his work as Jean-Ralphio in Parks And Recreation, but the longtime character actor has also garnered acclaim for his role on House Of Pies Lies, his semi-frequent “Solo Bolo” appearances on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast, his pair of humor books, and his voiceover work as Sonic on the hit film, Sonic The Hedgehog. Together, Middleditch & Schwartz are an unstoppable comic duo who use audience suggestions to craft a new hour-long improv show that’s wholly unique to each and every performance. Between the physicality, the rapidly changing roles, and the unexpected twists, it’s truly something to behold. Starting Tuesday, you can watch THREE Middleditch & Schwartz specials on Netflix.

Why Don’t You Just Die! on Video On-Demand
This dark and unquestionably violent Russian comedy has slowly found a worldwide audience and has garnered oodles of favorable press since being released in Europe last year. Beginning Tuesday, American audiences will have an opportunity witness the gory and campy movie that people throughout the world are talking about when Why Won’t you Just Die! comes to Video On-Demand.


Circus Of Books on Netflix
Circus Of Books is a new Netflix original documentary that chronicles the decades-old gay porn store by the same name in Los Angeles and the charismatic old couple who owned it.

The Willoughbys on Netflix
On the less pornographic end of Netflix’s endless catalog, you’ll find this kid-friendly flick that features the voices of Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Ricky Gervais, and Terry Crews. The Willoughbys premieres on the streaming service this Wednesday.

Unspooled Podcast
Each week, actor and self-described movie buff Paul Scheer and noted film critic Amy Nicholson watch, discuss, and thoroughly dissect a film from AFI’s list of the 100 best movies of all time. It’s usually fun, inviting (even if you’re not a certified cinefile), and extremely interesting. This week’s episode finds the duo talking about 1942’s Yankee Doodle Dandy, which is number 98 on AFI’s list. If that James Cagney classic isn’t your thing, we implore you to listen to older episodes in Unspooled’s archives.


Cunningham on Hulu
This 2019 documentary traces the life and life’s work of iconic dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham. Assuming you missed it the first time around, Cunningham comes to Hulu starting Thursday, April 23.

High And Mighty Podcast
Every Thursday, listeners are invited into the home of actor, improvisor, accomplished podcaster, and legendary stoner Jon Gabrus as he and a guest have an informal chat about one specific topic (and, more of than not, a bunch of other random topics that come up along the way) on his High And Mighty podcast.


Forward Music Festival: Day 1 @ Cactus Club (stream online)
Wanting to help three deserving metro Milwaukee venues, a few organizers rounded up an impressive batch of local acts to take part in the first “and hopefully last” quarantine music festival. From April 24-26, Cactus Club, The Cooperage, and X-Ray Arcade will host stripped-down and socially-distanced performances from some of Milwaukee’s finest. The virtual music festival kicks off at Cactus Club on Friday with sets by Mark Waldoch, Flat Teeth, OQ, LUXI, L’Resorts, and Klassik. Watch it from your own home and donate to Cactus Club’s employee relief fund.

After Life (Season 2) on Netflix
We didn’t even know Ricky Gervais had another Netflix show. Hmmm! This one looks to be called After Life and the second season of this show premieres Friday, April 24. Now you know.


Forward Music Festival: Day 2 @ The Cooperage (stream online)
The innovative virtual music festival continues on Saturday evening with performances from the likes of Fuzzysurf, Chris Porterfield, SistaStrings, Shle Berry, Paper Holland, and Reyna. Watch your favorite acts from the comfort of your own home and donate to The Cooperage.

The Artist on Netflix
This incomparable 2011 comedy/drama won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. Watch a modern classic when The Artist comes to Netflix starting Saturday, April 25.

Django Unchained on Netflix
Speaking of modern classics, Django Unchained is a good movie. It returns to Netflix starting Saturday, April 25


Michael Jordan ‘The Last Dance’ on ESPN (episodes 3 and 4)
He’s the greatest to ever play the game and now Michael Jordan will serve as one of the greatest quarantine distractions of all time. ESPN’s 10-part Michael Jordan ‘The Last Dance’ documentary—for which the network graciously bumped up the release date to help distract people in isolation—premiered two episodes on Sunday, April 19. The third and fourth installments will air on April 26.

Forward Music Festival: Day 3 @ X-Ray Arcade (stream online)
The three-night Milwaukee music festival/benefit concludes with a stacked show to stream at X-Ray Arcade. Sunday’s lineup includes: Greatest Lakes, Graham Hunt, Caley Conway, Dramatic Lovers, Telethon, and Rose Of The West. Watch online and donate to X-Ray Arcade’s employee relief fund.

Killing Eve on AMC and BBC America
Killing Eve is pretty awesome. If you haven’t seen this thrilling, chilling, tantalizing, and occasionally humorous series, watch the first two seasons on Hulu, then check out the first few episodes from the groundbreaking show’s third season when they air on AMC and BBC America every Sunday.

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