Since opening in October 2014, The Vanguard has been a boon to Milwaukee dining, while also doubling as a prime place to watch the Packers and pro wrestling, and serving host for a single-day Chinese restaurant and a beloved record store. Even if the Bay View bar and gourmet sausage emporium’s missteps have been few and far between, the restaurant isn’t growing complacent.

Starting Wednesday, Vanguard will phase out seven of its sausages and will replace them with six new ones, as well as one returning meat from the original menu. The restaurant will also cycle out some sides and brunch items and replace them with selections that range from things like a soft pretzel and curried fries to fried green beans and duck noodles. Before Vanguard officially adjusts its menu, here’s what’s coming, what’s going, and what’s returning.


Enzo Amore — Italian Sausage with marinara, mozzarella, giardinera, and sweety drop peppers
Rikidozan — Korean BBQ pork with gochjuang, garlic, kimchi, and chili soy (Sounds familiar!)
Spinach + Artichoke — Chicken and pork with spinach, artichoke, sarvecchio, cream cheese, and bacon
Cordon Bleu — Chicken and ham with Swiss cheese, dijonaise, and pickles
Da Benedyk — Pork belly and foie BBQ sausage with pickled red onion, sliced white American cheese
The Brennen Hintern Jalapeno cheddar brat with habanero beer mustard, hot kraut, and fried jalapeno
Curried Fries — French fries with coconut curry, fried cauliflower, hot sauce, and raisins
Soft Pretzel — Buttered everything pretzel served with cheddar schmear or Cheez Whiz
Dry Fried Green Beans — with Szechuan oil, fried garlic, and ginger
Bao LT (brunch) — Two stacks of bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, and hot mayo (vegan bacon substitution available)
Duck Noodles (brunch) — Wheat noodles with roasted duck broth, nori, scallion, and meatball


Bellamo — Pork sausage with sauteed peppers, caramelized onions, fennel, pesto, and sarvecchio
The Jacobs — All beef link with onion, giardinera, Swiss cheese, and side of au jus
Khing Khan — Lamb and pork sausage, galangal, chilis, lemmongrass, red curry, carrot, cilantro, and jalapeno
Polish Flame — Knoblauchwurst (beef) with pork, garlic, cayenne, red hot gravy, bleu cheese, and celery
Lambo 3 — Lamb and chicken sausage with harissa, feta, black olive, and tzatziki
Octopus Chorizo — Octopus, chicken, and pork with paprika, garlic, oregano, queso fresco, corn, and salsa
Kilig — Pork with palm sugar, soy sauce, lime, bean sprout, basil, cilantro, chili sauce, hoisin
Side Salad — A side salad. Good riddance
Cheddar Biscuits (brunch) — Biscuits with sausage patties, egg, cheese, and sausage gravy
Drunch Burger (brunch) — Thee Durty Burger with fried egg, hollandaise, bacon, and tomato
Breakfast Potatoes (brunch) —Potatoes with egg, ham, and hollandaise
Vanguard Diner (brunch) — Breakfast link over potatoes with toast

(All departing items are said to be returning at some point)


Salazar — Hungarian sausage with cream cheese, pineapple, basil, and BBQ sauce

Meet The Vanguard – “Sausage, Beer and Spirit Savants” from Meet Milwaukee on Vimeo.

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