am an expert in beer, the business of beer, and the history of beer.” So reads the LinkedIn page of Eric Gutbrod, a familiar and welcome presence in Milwaukee’s beer and service industry scene. Over the past 20 years, Gutbrod has done time at Sir James Pub in Port Washington, Sugar Maple, Tin Widow, Ope!, Draft & Vessel, and more. Now, he’s looking to open his own bar in the city’s Washington Heights neighborhood. (OnMilwaukee narrows the location down to Vliet Street.)

“After several years of kicking around the idea of finally opening my very own bar, I am finally in the perfect position to do so!” Gutbrod says on his GoFundMe page. “The space I want is in the Washington Heights neighborhood and is perfect for what I want to do. I am now in the final stage of making this a reality.”

Gutbrod hopes to raise $20,000 “to cross the finish line” on his new joint, called Biersal Tavern. “Offers have been made and accepted, and loans have been secured,” he says. “I just need this last little bit to complete the downpayment.”

The GoFundMe currently stands at just under $11,000. Here’s more from Gutbrod:

For those who don’t know much about me, I have worked in the Service Industry for over 20yrs. I have either worked at or managed some of the most premiere bars & restaurants in the Milwaukee area. I have dedicated my entire adult life to learning every aspect of the industry. I have worked for and with some amazing folks over all these years, but it is time to finally work for myself. I am beyond excited to grow this location and be a part of the Washington Heights Neighborhood.

The bar will not only have an amazing beer selection, but also a fun cocktail list & a well-curated whiskey list. And of course, there will always be great music playing. In addition to operating the bar itself, I have plans for several charitable programs. More details on this once the sale in final.

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