Milwaukee Record is proud to present a very special episode of On The Record. On Thursday, August 6, to coincide with Milwaukee Comedy Festival’s opening night, we rounded up eight stand-up comedians with local ties to take the stage at Bremen Cafe in Riverwest and, simply, make fun of our dear Milwaukee. Some are part of the ongoing local comic boom. Others have since moved from Milwaukee to Chicago or New York to advance their comedy career. They’re all hilarious. Josh Ballew (starts at approximately the 3:00 mark), Mike Berg (17:30), Dylan Payne (26:00), Liz Ziner (34:00), Damon Millard (41:30), Sammy Arechar (49:30), Allison Dunne (57:00), and Ryan Mason (63:00) directed an onslaught of verbal blows at Milwaukee, at their comedian counterparts, and, of course, at a lion that may or may not exist. It goes without saying, but everything said during the inaugural Roast Of Milwaukee was a joke said out of love by people who have personal relationships with the city. So lighten up and have some laughs at the expense of our beloved Milwaukee.

As always, this episode is brought to you by our friends at Ale Asylum and 42 Ale House/42 Lounge. Music in this episode comes courtesy of the roast’s house band, Piles (“Blue Glue” and “Olivia”). Subscribe to On The Record via iTunes or Stitcher. (For free!)