While fewer than 80 miles sit between the city halls of Madison and Milwaukee, the two biggest cities in Wisconsin exhibit a world of difference. Each place and its populace are shrouded with an array of generalizations, misconceptions, and stereotypes (some of which are based in truth) that feed into the ever-present disconnect that sets an invisible wall betwixt the pair of mini-metros. To dig a bit deeper into the disconnect, the rift, the rivalry between the the state’s two crown jewels, host Tyler Maas called upon prolific Tone Madison contributor Joel Shanahan (who is boosting the capital city’s music identity with his excellent electronic project, Golden Donna) and Milwaukee…by way of Madison by way of Milwaukee by way of Madison stand-up comedian Ryan Mason.

The trio discusses their personal perceptions of each city, the way they feel their own locale is viewed, aspects they wish were universal, and interplay between each city’s music and comedy “scenes.” Warning: the terms “scene” and “curate” are said too many times in this episode. By the end, they realize the cities have a lot more in common than initially thought. This episode is brought to you by MADISON-based brewery, Ale Asylum, and 42 Lounge/42 Ale House. Music used in this episode comes from Golden Donna (“Remember” and “Pale Horse Rider”). Ryan performs at Hybrid Lounge on June 13, Jokerz Comedy Club on June 26 and at High Noon Saloon (Madison) on Sunday, June 28.