Mike Mangione is a pretty interesting guy. The namesake and bandleader of Mike Mangione & The Union and Marquette alumnus moved to Los Angeles with his sights set on making it in the music business until he piled his life into a van and spent years touring all corners of the country (and beyond). Eventually, the folk musician wound up back in Milwaukee, where he’s started a family. Though his life has settled down a bit, Mangione still hits the road with some regularity, and along the way, the musician/father/philosopher found time to add “podcast host” to his repertoire.

Mangione and host Tyler Maas met—like, literally met for the first time—at Milwaukee Record headquarters and engaged in a winding discussion about the music industry, perseverance, faith, and (for some reason) Rockford, Illinois. After an inspiring hour of conversation, the singer-songwriter talked about his “Time & The Mystery” podcast, which boasts professional musicians, Major League Baseball players, prominent religious leaders, and (soon) Jim Gaffigan on its rundown of guests.

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