You know who’s great? Bruce McCulloch. You know what’s great? Bruce McCulloch bringing his latest solo show, “Tales of Bravery and Stupidity,” to Milwaukee’s Shank Hall on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Get ’em now.

What’s the show about? McCulloch explains in an interview with Calgary CBC:

“It’s actually probably the most personal I’ve gotten in this show. I talk about a kind of a unique friendship of mine. And there’s actually parts that are quite touching—or at least that’s what I’m told. A lot of it is like stand up, and a lot of fun, but there’s a couple moments there that are much more serious.”

Here’s a full press release, Dave:

Bruce McCulloch is a Canadian actor, comedian, writer, and director. Perhaps best known for his work with the award-winning sketch troupe, The Kids in the Hall, Bruce has since had a career spanning television, film, and the stage.

In his stage career, he has written and/or performed several one-man shows including Two-Headed Roommate, Jazz Stenographers, and Slightly Bigger. He has also had the pleasure of performing in shows for storytelling organization, The Moth.

Bruce is currently performing his stage show, Tales of Bravery & Stupidity, which he is turning into his next book. His first book, “Let’s Start a Riot” was released by Harper Collins. Additionally, hess written for several publications including The Globe and Mail and The New Yorker. Bruce also has two spoken word/comedy/music CDs Shame-based Man and The Drunk Baby Project.

Bruce is currently producing and directing the series TallBoyz for CBC, which premieres this September. He has written and performed in Young Drunk Punk (a series inspired by his own life), Death Comes to Town, and This Blows (web series) also for CBC, and he created Carpoolers for ABC. He has directed such shows as SNL, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Schitt’s Creek, and Trailer Park Boys.

As an actor he has appeared in numerous Canadian and American television shows such as, Saturday Night Live, Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, Comedy Bang Bang, Workaholics, and Nobodies, and even Anne of Green Gables.

Bruce has also written and/or directed several films including Dog Park starring Luke Wilson, Superstar starring Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell, Stealing Harvard starring Jason Lee, Leslie Mann, and Tom Green, and Comeback Season starring Ray Liotta.

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