Today marks another Opening Day for the Milwaukee Brewers. A lot has changed since the last true Brew Crew home opener in 2019. The team was playing at Miller Park, for example. That stadium was packed to the gills with people. Of course, there was also tailgating.

What a difference two years can make. In case you haven’t heard and publicly weighed in on the matter, Miller Park is now called American Family Field. Due to a still-happening pandemic that’s killed more than 550,000 people in America to this point, attendance is limited to 25 percent of its normal capacity. And because of that same pandemic that’s caused the death of 7,316 Wisconsinites (including another 15 yesterday), there will be no tailgating allowed during this year’s opener. That seems totally reasonable, so get over it.

As we watch Opening Day from afar this year and await an opportunity to safely enjoy some brats and beers in the Miller Park American Family Field parking lot again at some point, we figured we’d bring the sights, the spirit, and the sloppy spectacle of Brewers Opening Day tailgating to you with a collection of videos that span 10 years of ballpark-adjacent fun. Hopefully people will do their part to make Opening Day tailgating possible in 2022. Until then, enjoy these videos.





(We couldn’t find anything from 2013, so here’s a video of a guy getting dizzy, spinning around, and falling down while tailgating in 2010.)



(This one isn’t from Opening Day, but wow.)



(Couldn’t find anything in 2017, so here’s a tailgating video from 2010.)


(Sorry, no Opening Day video from 2018. Here’s a mid-season chugging video from 2011 instead.)


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