Sunday afternoon, as throngs of people were eating their weight at MSOE’s Kern Center as part of WMSE’s 15th annual Rockabilly Chili Fundraiser, thousands of people gathered at the nearby Italian Community Center to partake in a beloved celebration of another tomato-based local delicacy. Great Lakes Hemophilia Foundation‘s annual “MKE’s Best Bloody” benefit pitted close to 20 Milwaukee area bars and restaurants against one another in a fight for Bloody Mary supremacy in four different categories.

After a veritable ocean of tomato juice, a river of vodka, and almost every garnish imaginable were consumed and evaluated, the votes were tabulated and winners were named. Though the handful of businesses involved only accounted for a small percentage of the best bloodies the region has to offer, it showcased just how different and delicious representations can be. Here’s how the competition turned out.

Most Like A Meal
The Loaded Slate

Most Inventive

Most Milwaukee

Best Overall