In its 21-plus years in existence (and counting), The Comet Cafe has worn many hats. What started as a quaint and character-laden cafe that employed the city’s entire music scene has slowly turned into a local culinary powerhouse with a tremendous beer list and comfort food worthy of Guy Fieri’s blessing. Believe it or not, Comet is also home to a more-than respectable selection of vegetarian and vegan menu items.

To help run down the variety of new vegan offerings on Comet’s recently-revised menu, the beloved local restaurant, bar, and cafe set up a camera and called upon Frank Straka and Steven Roche to sample some of the newcomers in the first installment of its “Talkin’ Vegan with Frank and Steven” video series. The short video introduces Comet’s new Vegan Mac & Cheese, Tofu Bahn Mi, Black Bean Dip, Tofu Scramble, and Big Johnson Burger. Worry not, veg-heads, the Tofu Scramble, Vegan Salisbury Steak, and the amazing Vegan Deep Fried “Ribs” are still on the menu, too.

Feast your eyes on latest vegan offerings from Comet, then check out the full menu for yourself.

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